Very small pixel art!


I like drawing pixel art but I usually don’t do pixel art this small. It was a nice change.


Today’s drawing: Songwriting

“Oh! Are you okay with me writing on your face? I mean, I hope it doesn’t stress you out or anything.”

“Oh, it’s okay! I don’t mind.”

“Alright, then!”

I just wanted to draw something a little silly today. Lars can plug various items into his head – he is a computer, after all. So I thought it would be kind of funny to show someone (Otto, in this case) typing on him.

Today’s drawing: Lars and Ashton.

Lars, the vampiric-looking robot himself, and Ashton not knowing how to react to his passionate personality. Ashton hasn’t been around people and robots other than Yvette for a long time, so he doesn’t quite know how to respond to the emotions of those he doesn’t know very well. Lars doesn’t seem to mind, however, and is more focused on his thoughts.

A character based off of a jackalope for today.

I drew that first picture of him earlier this month and then completely forgot that it existed, lol! I drew the second picture once I remembered him.

Jackalopes are sometimes described as aggressive in folklore, so I decided to make this guy rather sour-looking because of that. He’s a grumpy little fellow, prone to headbutting people with his antlers if he gets too angry. He also has claws that pop out if he gets particularly annoyed about something.